Magic Candy – Adventures of the Pothead

I’m afraid of the journey
And what awaits me there
At my ever fleeting destination
The more I come close
The more it escapes my reach
An astronaut of time
Without a proper mission
A chartered plane
Without a strip to land
An IPod on repeat
Until my battery dies

And so I fall
Through the skies
In my mind
Light as a feather
Shining in the darkness of despair
Hopeful for a breeze of kindness
In this never ending night
And when I reach the bottom
The abyss of my desires
The core of my sensuality
I float up again
A soap bubble
Squeaky clean
But fragile with no orientation
Reflecting all that is around me
I pop a million times
And shatter into the air

I fall
To become one again
To become one with reality
To face my fears
I share my bed with them
And in the morning
We bequeath a child
A creature so beautiful
Lining the fringe of my imagination
Like tassels dangling loose from high above
I grab on tight
And climb again towards the heavens

I graze my hand into the universe
I break the curtain in the sky
Loads of candy pouring on my face
I quickly fill my pockets and escape
I run back home to serve this magic candy
Creased with stardust and eternal love
I bake a cake and eat away
I float again into the space between my eyes
Another empty journey
Another fleeting destination
Character: 30/100