True Poetry is Lived

A poem is a state of mind that manifests itself through words. But what is poetry worth if we lack the boldness to make those words manifest through our actions everyday. If every blogger on the planet acted on the beauty of their words, we would live in paradise.


Random Photos from DC (Canon AE1 – 35mm Film Camera)

Capturing moments on film restores a long-lost sense of belonging to our screens. It defies the fleeting imagery of our digital world. With unplugged precision space and time are distorted. Yet they scream with the same  authenticity of nature.

White House South Lawn
White House South Lawn
Street Vendor DC
Street Vendor DC
Constitution Avenue
Constitution Avenue
Sculpture Garden
Sculpture Garden – National Gallery of Art – DC
Phillips Collection Exterior
And you, Brutus? Phillips Collection – DC
Washington Monument
Washington Monument – From the East
Washington Monument Area
Tree Casting Shadows – Washington Monument Area
Chinatown, Washington DC
Random Bystander, Chinatown DC


Writing is the most Basic form of Visual Art

When you strip down visual art to its constituent parts – paintings, photographs, material installations, movies, concrete skyscrapers, embroidered textiles.. – they all seem to speak the same fundamental language. Just like mathematics is the foundation of all sciences, writing is the bedrock of visible artistic form. A word is more than just a movement with the hand, or a stroke of characters on a keyboard. It is a visual expression of human interaction honed by memory and experience. It is the most basic visualization of emotion and thought nurtured by generations of culture and civilization. When a word is breathed on paper – just like a painter’s brush on canvas – a calligraphic shape soon becomes surreal. The only difference is that with writing, we all have access to this imaginary world. For every true writer is an artist and every true artist is a writer. What do you think?


The Bus Driver: 36 to Victoria


There she is
All I can see
Across this bus
A crooked nose
Pointing out a masterpiece
Her eyes so blue
And lashes honey blonde
Fingers crafted
Like the twigs
Of Avalon
Dicing through her curly hair
Shaping galaxies far away
Bumpy roads ahead
Simple smiles
Are all I need
On my way
To trust in life
To trust in purpose
To trust in goodness
On this very day

Character: 92/100

The Sculptor: Shit You Don’t Tell Your Girlfriend

ImageCan I describe beauty?
Can I?
That stare, oh that stare
That pensive look
So subtle
So simple
So sweet
Is all I long for everyday
The stone so cold
As I brush away the morning dust
And wipe away the dew of her exuberance
And all of nature’s forces in my chisel here
With every ebb
My whole world rocks
Until I’m petrified into her gaze
And we are one in stone
Molded for eternity
For all to witness the majesty of our love

Character: 85/100 (Awaiting the second phase of Bohemiaspeaks!)

The DJ: Electronic Symphony of Desires

A dubstep beat, just like our lives
It starts so simple
Then grows towards complexity
A mental map for our desires
An electronic symphony
That fuses with our day and age
To make some sense of all these blinking lights
Media bytes, web 2.0, my mobile phone
An age of digits, electric waterfalls
Dissected, rearranged
Mixed with perfection into a song

To think the music that we hear
Is made from the material of our lives
Recycled pulses in our brain
That is the genius of our craft
That whispers into embryos unborn
Don’t blame our modern art for being loud
The world is barking like a dog
So stuff your ears or face reality

And in my cage
My temple of disgust
Dusty tables spinning dubstep grooves
Slicing through the silence of this room
Between the rats and filthy beats
I learn to live
I do not need the riches of this world
And so I learn never to cling
In music I am born each day
To hell with everything
With music I am in control
A DJ is a king

Character: 81/100 (We’re getting closer!)

The Yogi: Salutations to the Sun

I touch the sun
With sugar coated finger tips
I rearrange the stars alit
A fire in my palm can never burn my skin
For I am burning constantly within
And my eyes closed
Away from all this traffic here
The bustling world with all its lights
In darkness I can see the truth
Beyond the noise of modern life
My body bends just like a summer noon
Into an endless clover field
I join my joints with passing time
They shift in harmony, they twist
And with them all my world collides
I feel so motionless in sweet embrace
Of my routines, the whole world moves
And I just watch my body stretch
Across the mantelpiece
On this sweet morn
And as my body toils each day
My mind and soul are freed

Character: 78/100 (We’re getting closer!)

The Cabbage Vendor: Kingdom of Sauerkraut

My world’s a cabbage in its layers
A multitude of inner stairs
That lead the way to self remorse
Because I chose to take this course

A cabbage vendor on his knees
Weakened by a world at ease
Life seems to pass me by each day
But always gives me what I pay

Beyond the confounds of my doubt
An endless sea of sauerkraut
Sitting there so uselessly
Without a proper recipe

A victim of my own beliefs
I wonder what this world bequeaths
After we close our eyes and die
What’s truth, and what is just a lie?

Ambition knocks at all our doors
Some cabbage vendors have their stores
But yet I seem to be content
With barely making my own rent

Desires feast on flesh and bone
Until they reach a soul unknown
They feed it with their gory lust
And mount a tombstone on some dust

But as for me, I will make sure
To mount my tomb on something pure
Desires overcome with joy
Beyond contempt, I’ve found a cure

In my own kingdom there’s no doubt
Long live the king of Sauerkraut

Character: 76/100 (We’re getting closer!)

The Pilot: A Chartered Sense of Emptiness

There beyond the twilight creeps
A distant sense of joy
And as I fly I’m swallowed by a setting sun
That cleaves the sky into a solemn darkness
But somehow deep inside my chartered course
Horizons never end
The image of your radiant face
Keeps skies alit and suns from ever setting

Your lips just like the sea below
I cast my coins into their soft embrace
Longing for a chance to dive
And soak myself with your entirety
Between these clouds
Our problems seem so meaningless
Our worries are unfound
The world is just an endless tapestry
A jagged carpet below the stars
Enduring history

And as I fly across this endless quilt
I see your face in every patch
My love, an endless sense of guilt
A flight towards my misery
A landing with no gears
Bound to end in a surprise
And as the years go by
I set my life on auto-pilot
I’m always where I need to be

Character: 70/100

The Reckless Driver: Brain Freezes on Route Sixty-Four

Ripped away
From gutters of yesterday
Bleeding with anguish
Swaying around
In puddles of desolation
Ripping through our guts
Spraying our insides
Across the windshield
Jubilating at the sight
Of darkness tearing through us all
Pieces flying all around the sky
Freeing us from being in one place
Speed is the world
On ecstasy ravaging
Towards an unknown turn
Blinking fog lights
Broken signals
Navigating through our passion
A tale of dying everyday
And when our corpses rupture
Holding hands
All that befalls
Is a tiny simple snowfall
Trying to cover up
All the wrongs of this world
Trying to hide
From the eyes of the newborn
The shame of existence
The sham of persevering in a world
Where all we have is lost around a corner
Seeping blood crawls like snow cones
To the surface painted red
An icy carpet made of strawberry slurpee
We take it all in
Without a second thought
Brain freezes on Route Sixty-four
Jittery hands, coy touches
In a magic carriage ride
Making love at 120
Climaxing at 150
Why live at any slower pace?

Character: 68/100

The Tailor: Garments of Distrust

A fitting room
My arm around your waste
I set the pin in place
A tiny prick
A sigh of pain
You grab my hand
I smile
I’d sew you to my soul
And leave some pockets on your sides
So that you can find a place
To hide your secrets
But then again
I’m not your size

When wrapped around you
Even a dress itself
Would know its place
Beneath the fabric
You are meant to shine
Naked in your thoughts sublime
Conjuring perfect circles
That complete your silhouette

Come with me towards tomorrow
Why do you refuse to dream?
About another place
About the fleeting taste of memory
You live the now,
And I am bound by reverie
And even though we meet in flesh
Naked unprotected
We cannot conceive
Time between us ripped apart like daffodils
Perched atop two canyons in distress
Peering into mirrors until we burn
And fly around with smoky fumes
Across the universe until we meet
Where time converges
In some distant place

Why do you refuse to dream?
In this room
Our bodies meet, we can conceive
Another world
But when the morning shines
We realize
That we just come from different times
You dwell the now
And I am caught up in your lies
As I sew your wedding dress
I wonder why
You choose to hide yourself
In this disguise

Character: 62/100

The Party Animal: Fornication Nation

On disco floors
Blinking colored lights
Vintage glamour
Worn out edges on my Instamatic
In the nation of the night
Imagery does not abide by rules
And so the scene is akin to a dream
An orgy of desire in our minds
A masquerade of our emotions
A sexual frenzy covered up
Toned down by years of evolution
Modernized, commercialized
Served with champagne cocktails
Boasting breasts and silicon lies

We dance, we drink, we pop some pills
To fuse into the walls of shabby basements
To forget, as we evolve
We shed our daytime skin
And lose ourselves to rhythmic chants
Like ancient tribes in trance
Naked of our fears we dance
Pregnant with conviction towards the night
And all the promises it withholds

A ritual, a sacrifice by credit card
Swiped just like a guillotine
Cutting through our bank accounts
On alters of  bottled sexuality
We journey through collective satisfaction
And bathe in fountains bursting with seduction
With all the electronics and the bling
This all may seem some sort of other thing
But truth be told,
Not that very much has changed
Beyond the tweets about the ruck
A creature tagged for profile pics
Is still a creature longing for a fuck

Character: 57/100

The Orphan: Stumbling Through My Life

I feel the snow
It falls
Atop my naked feet
Shattered by the cold
Bleeding with desire to be embraced
To journey across the world
To leave this place
One more step
One more adventure
Into the dark unknown
That I no longer fear
Where bitterness is hungry for a catch
Or so they say,
Snowflakes falling
Like there is no tomorrow
But here, there is no tomorrow anyway

Frostbites singing drunken songs
I escape
A pain that makes me carry on
I walk on shores of shattered glass
Where ice takes refuge by the sea
I cross the water to foreign lands
A change of mind, a renaissance
Flowers, shrubs and blades of grass
Play footsie with my fate
My temper bleeds towards the past
But heals with endless hope for what awaits

With roughened feet I trample on my fears
I’ve grown inside this house with all my peers
Just like these trees
There place is here
In forest’s tall and proud
Towards the sky
Between the clouds
Beyond the frostbites and the cold
I am a tree
My skinny toes like roots are cold from time
That passes through these somber woods
Never chosen, never loved
But watered by the rain forevermore

Character: 56/100

The Mistress: Letters Across the Universe

I grab on to a piece
A slither
From a serpent’s mouth
It stings my heart, forever broken
A piece of yesterday is lost
In endless time
Words unravel
Conversations torn to pieces
Letters flying across the universe
In reverse order
Back to the origin
Where nothing has its place

My smiles flip to faces sad
My gentle strokes are pushes
The gazes of my eyes are shy returns
My kisses, suffocating pleas for air
My laughter, screeching moans of pain
Love-making thrusts are nothing but attempts
To stay away

Unraveling time
Our whole affair is in rewind
A fire burning through my mind
Green parks and sunny mountain sides
Reduced to rubble
Cremated into empty sanctuaries
Where restless souls roam graveyards
Like the blind
Searching for a ray of light
Never to be found
Amongst the million ashes clouding sight

And when everything has been undone
A solemn silence, a bitter nothingness
Pervades my heart
The universe rips in two
Returning time to its old course
In my new world
I never knew you
I never met you
To me
You were never born

Character: 55/100
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The Nun: Sinful Attraction

I try to contemplate on thy sweet love
But lost with enchantment to your beauty
A fairness too fair in forgetness gloves
The image of such a wond’rous memory

I sleep between the lashes of your eyes
On skin ever more tender than the soil
Beneath my home between my roots I cry
Above to your sweet brow I will be loy’l

Oh fate why must I mourn my bitter end?
I die the worst death that can ever be
A million daggers to my chest I lend
I burn inside, oh passion set me free

This sinful love, I will no longer fight
A new baptism with he who is in sight

Character: 53/100

The Astrologer: My Prayers to the Sun

Magnificent sunrise
Speak to me the language of my dreams
Sing a song of ancient times
And let us fall together
Into the deepest slumber
Until our bodies feast
On banquets of eternal satisfaction

Joyous inferno
Splash your colors through my windowsill
Bleed me from my grief and tribulation
Light up every aspect of my life
Until my shadows and your rays unite
With every movement that I make
Your constant sunlight does not judge
It casts a thousand beams in my direction
And floods my heart with feelings of affection

Never loneliness shall I bequeath
Upon myself, with your gracious audience
Together we will shine
Forever and unplugged
From all the sorrows and the lies
Of present time and the past
In which we dwelled

Tell me of the future
A world in constant motion
Forged by raging fires bright
Illuminating the unforeseen
And shedding light on some eternal truth
To which I cling forevermore
In which I melt, and rise again
An enlightened being
Master of it all

Character: 52/100
Dedicated to every bleeding soul

The Soldier: Pimping Wars and Media Whores

Splinters of ash
Washed upon my shores
I play with castles
My fingers bleed
Up until it rains
A little child, he smiles
Just for a while
The sound of rockets
A nation bleeding from its ears
The whole world’s perched
Atop this distant hill
Six billion eyes all on one hill
Six billion tongues, six billion minds
And yet we’re so alone

We rush to make a change
To kill, to steal a life from someone else
The bullets seep into our flesh
A million rounds, a million aching wounds
They hurt so much
They leave a mark forevermore
We make the headlines
A bunch of media whores
Fucked over then forgotten by the war

Tomorrow morning the sun will never rise
Our world will seep into a deep surrender
The printing press will fabricate some lies,
We’ve won the war they say,
And yet this hill has lost so many lives
A million bodies stacked from head to toe
A living sculpture of our own demise

They sent us here,
They cheered us as we fought
And now they’ve turned their eyes away
Some look upon a burka in disgust
But they themselves are veiled
Behind a thicker curtain
A sheath of fiber optics, media bites
A stage, a prompter, cameras and lights
Objectifying wars with gory lust
And counterfeiting peace to suit their needs
They are no different
Sending us to fight
Against the very horrors they incite!

Character: 51/100

The Circus Performer: Ethos of a Wandering Clown

What awaits us then?
Dunes of sand
Never-ending journeys
In distant lands, exotic
With languages idiotic
Songs we’ve never heard
Imaginary kingdoms below a tent
With colored dances throughout the night
Lighting up horizons with their flare
And as the time approaches for our cue
We melt inside a loosely knit parade

Why are we afraid of not knowing?
When fear is but another avenue of adventure
A line to walk without a net to fall upon
A rope released to fly across the room
And right before you reach the safety point
The wisdom of the world shines right upon you
You realize
The price tags of today lose value
And all that is around you seems to glow

Why are we afraid?
To venture forward in this world
To give ourselves to something larger
To fuse ourselves with magical delight
And free ourselves, just like a wandering bird
Living off what the day provides
Taking shelter when it rains
Jugglers, jesters, lion tamers
No expectation, no anticipation
Just faith
Everlasting, eternal, steadfast
And never budging faith

Character: 48/100

The Popstar: Karaoke of Defeat

I sing for all of them to hear
But no one really seems to understand
A loving panther calling for her cubs
While the whole jungle sits aside in fear

As all the world is dancing to my beats
I’m scratching at my ears for it to stop
Deep down inside I feel so out of tune
But on the outside all I do is shine
Just like a supernova for a while
I blow their minds and afterwards implode
Into the catacombs of yesterday
Until the very reason I exist
Is for their smiles and cameras to stay

I’m born a perfect being that I know
But cursed with knowledge really seems to hurt
I cannot find the truth between the lines
And so my life is nothing but a song
It’s pleasant when you hear it for sometime
But I’m obliged to hear  it on repeat
The karaoke of my own defeat

And everyday I run away
I curl inside my bathtub all alone
I let the water fall just like the rain
The paparazzi cannot find me here
My tears are hidden by the drops
My hair is wet
My fragile toes are feeling cold
The water plays its sweetest songs
A symphony of silent tears
I fall asleep
I wish the world could hear me now
Although I’m naked and exposed
Only the drops can make them see
Beyond the face of sexuality

Character: 47/100
Dedicated to A. G.

The Protester: Deflowering the Arab Spring

An apple bitten to the core
A slaughtered rabbit on a chain
The dismal prospects of a whore
The screeching chalk drives me insane

Where should I go when I have reached
So far down pathways of remorse
How can I feel after I’m skinned
My conscience rotting in a cell

In prisons deep you hear the cries
We beg for death to end the game
No media cam is watching now
Let’s break our vows and die in shame

How can I write and make some sense
When all these words are far too weak
To shed some light on all my  fear
A tyrant challenged is a freak

With blindfolds on my eyes for months
I do not know if I can see
The nation’s blinded by its lust
For some expensive sodomy

We perish in the thousandfold
For freedom, honor, and for beauty
Then to our shock, lo and behold
We’re captive to our dignity

A despot leaves, the people cheer
The blindfolds off, it becomes clear
That we will always be confined
Collective memory rules mankind

Our freedom once a virgin child
An Arab Spring so young at heart
But now the blood runs down her feet
A nation raped on its own part

Hash-tags can never save us now
So let’s just tweet our own defeat

Character: 46/100

The Sailor: A Song for Merry Times

to be sung when intoxicated

As we set sail on giant ships!
Oh giant ships as we set sail!
Slices of ye heaven shine
Through that broken windowsill
The colors float inside, they do
A hue of glowing dust it is
Pouring with the rain indeed

I soak my feet in water’s salt
My wounds are drowned in drunken pain
And I am free to glide in thought
My woman’s arse and candy canes!
I lick’em both and don’t get caught!
As we set sail on giant ships!
Oh giant ships as we set sail!

Our aspirations large at heart
The wind decides our chartered course
And all the sailors
Hungered by the days at sea
Would like to feast on my lady
Well help yourselves my mates at sea!
I’ll whack your heads and bury thee!
As we set sail on giant ships!
Oh giant ships as we set sail!

Why some of us they stand and wait
For fate to make its darning mark
A storm so strong
It tears our souls
Our boat into a million pieces made
Each one of us holds on to something dear
My friend a picture of his wife and son
But as for me
A pint of rum
If I’m to die this day then let me part
With smiles on my face
Oi! and a happy heart!
Character: 44/100

The Model: Skinny Love

Splash some magic ink onto my face
Let me glow
And show them whose the diva of this town
I need to shrink
I am too fat
I need to disappear to feel just right
And in my disappearance
I want to take command
I want the world to see
One thing
Beyond my flesh
Beyond the contours of my body
Beyond the makeup and the clothes
Beyond my heels
Beyond my sexy lingerie
Beyond the purgatory of my cleavage
Beyond my long and shiny legs and perfect thighs
Beyond my ass so small and plumped up like a prune
I want them to see me,
For who I truly am
An animal of sex
Defined by raging fires inside
An inferno of lustful beauty and vile sentiments
That gives me power over all this land
I want to be the queen of hearts of every man
And towards that end
I’ll sacrifice it all
Until I disappear
And all that remains is the trace of my lipstick
On a can of diet coke
On my cigarette butt
And on the many apples rotting by the windowsill
And as I lose my flesh
I shine with individuality
My soul’s revealed
Once captive underneath my skin
But now though naked and alone
On catwalks and red carpets
My skinny love’s revealed

Character: 43/100
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The Ballerina: Dancefloors and Eternal Erections

When I was young
I danced with all the mirrors of my house
I danced with love
I danced for things I did not understand
I danced with passion
And hungered for his heart
That being so deranged and powerful
That I called art

Now as I dance
So frigid and alone
My body paints a portrait on the face
Of all those men
Whom in beauty are enlightened
The spotlight’s on
And I perform
In grace I move along
The lines of their desire
I’m dancing to the songs
Of lustful men in choir
To satisfy their hearts
I unleash my inner fire
I’m captive to producers
And the whims of those who hire
I milk their eyes from tears
I scratch their skin so hard it bleeds
I pinch their private parts they scream
But I still dream

This is the truth,
I’m hostage to this being so deranged
Objectifying sex in my career
Is this art?
The erotic notion of their inner craves
What about platonic needs?
Or is life nothing but a gentle sexcapade
On the banks of their collective inclinations
They punt eternally in waters deep and cold
A gondola ride with lustful aspirations

I still will dream
Butterflies do not lose hope
Floating above the ruins of my past
As time goes by
My moves decay
My beauty withers
A self inflicted mutiny
I’m thrown away
I shrivel in my own abode
Afraid to meet the world
I build my own cocoon
Hoping that again one day
That being so deranged
Will ask me out to play

Character: 42/100

The Detainee: Postcards from Guantanamo Bay

Hell has built its citadel
And put me on display
The devil taunts my body parts
The inferno is ablaze
And as the fire burns inside
My flesh is dripping off my bones
Conventions fail to save me here
Even human kindness does not convene

But pain can guide you towards relief
With broken bones and aching joints
I’m baptized into new beliefs
I cross the gate and understand
That my religion is that of grief
And so is his
The soldier at the gate
In pain there is camaraderie

Back home where all my countrymen
Are hurting soldiers just like here
I’m sure the tortured understand
That pain and anguish bind us all

And for some moments
I wish that I could build a land
Where both the enemies share their prison cells
A neutral third can take the job
An outsourced torture
For all of us to have

We’d both be hanged on wires thin
We’d both be asked to sit on bottles tall
We’d both be whipped and tossed aside
We’d both be peed on
Until are dignity drowns

And yes you ask me, this makes more sense?
At least by seeing whom I hate
In my same pain
And him by seeing me
We’d feel less pain
And in some way
We’d set each other free

Character: 41/100

The Sociologist: The Story of Life

Man looking for his hunt
Great ideas on his mind
Or maybe even
Doors guide him to be blunt
Doorknobs try to turn his mind
Twisting motives and bending time

Woman looking for her hunt
Great ideas on her mind
Or maybe even
Keyholes waiting at her front
Roses pushing from behind

In spite of it all
The door will never find,
The knob
The knob will never find,
The whole
Bluntness, twisting rosy bushes all absurd
A circular motion that leads to where you start

The true self will forever be in thirst
Forever longing for desire
And only in the midst of love
Can we be made numb of our curse
An internal tendency to self-implode

Between destruction and the awe
A line so thin does separate,
The greatest tread along its path
” And until death do us part”
The end

The Composer: Hopscotch

Let’s play around a bit
Shall we?
I’ll start to hum and you can follow
A gentle melody that takes us back
Towards those days
When everything was simple
A kiss, a smile, a flower
Planted beneath your pillow
No longer does the trick

And in this spirit
Pleasing my own mental state
Of nothingness, I’m afraid
Is by no means an attempt to become whole
Or better yet
Disenfranchised from the unforeseen
But rather more a rambling of creativity
That emanates from my deepest scores
Of eternal remorse and bigotry
And on these lines
My life is nothing but a symphony

Plucking at the tune for all to watch
Is not an easy task
Tweaking it to please their modern taste
Planting it with melody and chimes
My symphony and I are just so out of place
We’d rather play a hopscotch game with planets
Then sit here every night
Between the deaf and dumb

And in the skies where stars are dazzling
We jump from rock to rock
Giggling on the way at our own carelessness
To those we tread upon so recklessly
We shake worlds, lives, billions of people
But we still play and lightly tread along the path
In our own time
For our own reasons
And forevermore

The Sexaholic: New Year’s Bang

Crickets creeping through my mind
Cracking like a pacman in a maze
Scratching on the lining of my face
Breaking into deep and solemn thoughts
Hatching wild ideas from within
Playing with the wiring of my ideals
Readjusting time and the dimensions
Flying through the space between my ears
Suited up like astronauts, equipped
To ravage through the craters of my brain

I lend a smile and then extend my wrath
I paint myself then cry myself to sleep
I fuck a random stranger to forget
Rockets fired all throughout the night
Counting down for takeoff every evening
I pace myself until it feels just right
Blast off always puts me on the edge
Floating in an endless hyperspace
Peering at the cosmos from my windowsill
A countdown starts, I see it on the screen!

Times Square is full of people on New Year’s eve
Waiting for a show of something nice
Waiting for some answers, for some love
Peering at my launchpad up above
And as the ticker slowly loses numbers
My head prepares for blast off and beyond
The clock strikes twelve
A “Happy New Year’s” roars out loud
I reach towards my glock and make a sound

The Watchmaker: End of Year Blues

And so the year comes to an end
The clockwork breaks
Nuts and bolts flying through the air
A piece of my soul caught between the dials
Pulling down to stop the world
The clockwork crumbles
Into a million pieces
Its pendulum is tired
Its chimes are faint and muffled
Its watches on the hands of many passersby
Explode into a million numbers
As my hands shiver and my eyes squint
So many years I’ve kept the time
And in so doing I have lost
My time
And as the New Year ushers in
With blessings many
I rally in the cold to make it home
A shabby little cottage on the hill
Alone and empty from within
I sit beside the fire for a while
Tonight my clock will strike for one last time
And history will fade into my grave
Who will tell the time when I am gone?
Who will keep the knobs well screwed and ticking?
Another peddler on the street will take my place
Like an old engraving I fade away
I never was entitled to my own watch

The Eskimo: Arctic Mantra

In my igloo
I am free
Alone, but rich in contemplation
Bare-fated but secure
In this arctic tundra
This world does not forgo
Those who dwell
In love’s warming presence

Close them
Seal the lids forever
Be in darkness
Be the darkness in your eyes

Undress yourself
Embrace your worries
Embrace your fears
And jump into the icy sea
Sink towards the core of your existence
And let go forever of all the weight

Open up and breathe
Breathe deep and long
Allow the bits of ice to fill your lungs
Look towards that distant meadow
Feel the grass field’s tickle
Trapped between the ice
But alive

Play along with time
But always know
That time does not define your life
Your actions now, reverberate
Throughout the universe forevermore

Rise again
Cold, naked, drenched in water and alone
But free
Free from pain
Free from meaning
Beyond what is right and wrong
You build an igloo
In this cold barren world
And live like me
An immortal Eskimo
In the kingdom of tundra
We are all free

Magic Candy – Adventures of the Pothead

I’m afraid of the journey
And what awaits me there
At my ever fleeting destination
The more I come close
The more it escapes my reach
An astronaut of time
Without a proper mission
A chartered plane
Without a strip to land
An IPod on repeat
Until my battery dies

And so I fall
Through the skies
In my mind
Light as a feather
Shining in the darkness of despair
Hopeful for a breeze of kindness
In this never ending night
And when I reach the bottom
The abyss of my desires
The core of my sensuality
I float up again
A soap bubble
Squeaky clean
But fragile with no orientation
Reflecting all that is around me
I pop a million times
And shatter into the air

I fall
To become one again
To become one with reality
To face my fears
I share my bed with them
And in the morning
We bequeath a child
A creature so beautiful
Lining the fringe of my imagination
Like tassels dangling loose from high above
I grab on tight
And climb again towards the heavens

I graze my hand into the universe
I break the curtain in the sky
Loads of candy pouring on my face
I quickly fill my pockets and escape
I run back home to serve this magic candy
Creased with stardust and eternal love
I bake a cake and eat away
I float again into the space between my eyes
Another empty journey
Another fleeting destination
Character: 30/100

Narcotic Love – A Journey in the mind of the Scriptwriter

Rings of smoke
Flying through the air
A whiskey flavor lingers in my mouth
My beard is coarse
My feet inside some random slippers rest
The bathrobe on the side
Stows her smell
We pose afront a warming fireplace
The cracking of a vinyl melody
Makes perfect tone for such a rainy night

If only she were mine,
I’d have her here with me
On top my desk
Instead of books and pens
I’d read her body
A million fantasies to be told
Legs apart
From head to toes
So soft and thin
Damp and soggy from the rain
I’d study her from within
A million lessons to be learned
From heart to soul
So pure and kind
Untouched by all the evil in this world

If only she were here,
I’d help her hang her furry coat
Set aside her necklace made of pearls
Untie the ribbon on her hair
Unbuckle her vest and reach towards her skin
I’d peel her from her covering
Like chocolate from a wrap
I’d melt her on my chest and arms
And pour us both into a flask
Until we dry across the fireplace
We harden in a soft embrace

I’d lay with her
Under the rain
Alone and complete
Without shame
Like children again
We wash and play
Nothing is more truthful than the rain

If only she could stay,
I’d set her on my bed
A thousand pages with its sheets I’d write
A thousand rainy nights
To quench our thirst
And when the dawn breaks with its light
We’d morph into a summer haze
The smoke, the scotch, my prickly beard
My reading glasses, my books, my pens
They never mattered
And so I lose again

Empty Savannas – Inside the heart of the Swahili Hunter

It hurts
To think
To speak
To feel
To love

An everlasting winter in my heart
The fields are bare
The land is dark
The ants have been in hiding for quite a while
The birds have left with no return
The wind is cold and dry
The world is dark
Lions hungry staring at the time
Waiting for a catch
Waiting for a breath of life

It hurts
The hunger
The longing
The anticipation

And as I skin myself to feed
The world I live in
Sheath by sheath I lose myself
To malice, hatred and intimidation
I paint my cheeks with strokes of blood
A hunter ready to provide
Willing to set forth on an expedition
To hunt himself
With pointy spikes
To burn himself
Atop a blazing bonfire
To serve himself
To loved ones, friends and family

An unreciprocated intimacy
Resides in these parts of the land
They take and give nothing in return
They poach and steal
From my lagoon of ever-giving love
They drink themselves to sleep
And I grow thirstier with every sip

I wonder when the day will come
When the world will notice
How skinless I have been made
How naked I am to the unforeseen
How weak I have become by my own decree

I spread a sheath of flesh into the air
I point it towards the sun
And I stare
A glare of pinkish red lights my face
At last, some color in this barren place

Castles in the Sand – Journey of the Mystic Voyager

Now is the time
It is the present
It is the gift
And between the smears
The smudges of my sundial
Sketched on the sand
I dance, burning my feet
As the sun pours in its time
And with my toes I carve a new beginning
A new device that only points to now
A compass that I use to venture forward
Towards the frontiers of that which is unknown

And no fear shall I know inside me
Of failure, restlessness, or demise
For I live now
I am transparent
The cosmic rays of time
Can never shape me
I am fluid
I take the shape of whatever life gives me
I am dense
With love and knowledge and eternal forgiveness

I sit atop this cauldron boiling
My legs apart
Sexless and alone
Afraid to dive inside
A vehicle that will take me somewhere else
A land where time has lost its meaning
A land where people don’t have form
A land where thoughts can replicate like cancer
And swarm towards the borders of the obscene

And when I’ve burned
Atop this mystic sundial on the sand
I join the yellow grains below my feet
My dance of liberation has left a mark
I am a castle sculpted on the sandy shores
Between the mussels and the clams
I am queen
And what else do I need!

Blindfolds and Coffee Mugs – The Blind Boy’s First Love

When in doubt
I think of beauty

The lashes of her eyes
Scratching at my chest
As we wait in silence
Clutching in our sleep
For the sun to rise
Awake and fulfilled
Beyond desires of the flesh

Her smile
Displaces the air around the room
Her wavy hair
Like sandy reefs
I weave myself into their cool embrace
Her fingertips
Adjust my collar
Mixed with the scent of coffee brew
Her perfumed skin
So soft as she caresses me
Her cold chapped lips
Melt as she sips my coffee from the cup

A smile
A breeze of air
A silence in the lover’s midst
A sin so small
A blushing shame
Beyond conception
And every day, I think

I am free
From all anger
From all rage and retribution
From the toil of observation
So mechanic and controlled

I am one
With that overarching eye
Of wisdom to which our souls cling
On which we melt like butter on a pan
With which we age like ancient wine
And squeeze into a gentle juice
We spin on top a gentle blaze
Sit beside the moss at sea
And serve ourselves as dinner
On the plate of everlasting joy

I am liberated
From sight
With her the whole world disappears
And all that remains
Are shadows of a poltergeist
That moves my heart
Towards my inner self
Peels rainbows apart
And wraps my soul with vivid strings

I am blind

The Captain: Kingdom of the Undersea

I seep between the crevices of its wall
A boat that cleaves entirety from beyond
And as I drop in ecstacy my fall
Becomes the story of a hidden pond

My waters span the shores of separate worlds
A journey that not many dare to make
A boat may sink its boughs may be unfurled
But drops of water really stand a break

Life is a journey between a place of love
Towards the shores of unsurmounted awe
And so the storms that reign us from above
Send waves to purge our souls from inner flaw

In hope of landing on that other place
I will not bail, towards my fate I race

Emancipation Nation – In the Bedroom of the Female Activist

Sheets of cloth
Wrapped around
The layers of my world
Alone with warming covers
Alone in peace forever
This is my nation

My bedroom, an eternal sanctuary
Stands strong in the face of time
In the face of all those voices
That hang behind its door

And what of love
What of work
What of life itself?
There is no failure in my shrine
Pieces of my soul
Are soaked in wine
Prospects of my future
Are shadows on my wall
I dance alone
And make the whole world shake

I cling to what I have
My body perfect and untouched
Will never leave me
And so in my nakedness
I am liberated from fear

My eyes, they’re closed
I spin myself into a mystic dream
I see a world with colors bright
With hope and love and endless joy
With passion, without fear

The choices all around me
I cannot think, I cannot feel
Beyond the comfort of my bed
I do not know where truth resides

A princess in my own abode
But slaved to hunger beyond these walls
I march along
In search of truth
In search of passion
In search of emancipation
An incomplete happiness
That fills my heart
But leaves my mind and soul
In thirst

And so alone at night
I drink myself to sleep
To quench my inner cravings
To ease my mind and free my soul
To rise above the social chatter
To become
What I am destined to be
A shooting star
And nothing less
Although I’m racing towards my end
I race towards it in endless glamour

Eternal Orgasm – A night in the mind of the Gravedigger

Your eyes are gazing
Straight ahead
You cannot see me
As I watch
I wonder what you’re thinking of
I wonder how you feel
And as I sip your fruity wine
I drift into a foggy haze
The sun is peaking through the window sill
The morning cold, but here inside
Our warmth is endless
A fireplace to dry our soaking souls
I reach towards your shining self
I take a piece of life to break my fast
The sun is seeping in some more
As we lay here without a single word
What’s to be said when feelings are complete?
Where should we go when we have been so far?
And as the sun sets the room gets dark
We clutch together naked and alone
We hear the rain pour on the meadow
We hear the gates slam, we light some candles
We melt into each other
We melt into the moment
One with it all
The rain, the sun, the light the dark
The passing time
Is no constraint
To our connection
As long as I can keep
The flowers fresh
The stone on top will never be
That of a tomb
But rather a foundation
For our endless love
Let’s rest in peace
Here and now
That’s what this place is for
A sanctuary of eternal truth
A field where love is planted
And as the days go by
I watch you grow
So gracefully
And I rejoice

The Feathered Bitch – A Stroll with the Divorced Pigeon-Keeper

A soothing humming sound so soft
Is all I need to make my day
I am the ground they tread upon
The feathers on their wings
The lentil eyes into their soul
I am the seasons they obey

They gather in their thousand hordes
And probe around my hands
Their seeds seep down along the path
That guides me on my way

And when they leave they will return
For nature has its course
You sow a seed into their mouths
You cannot reap remorse
But when it comes to human kind
The story must diverge
You sow a seed into her womb
She asks for a divorce

I wander through the streets all day
Enlightened and confined
In my own inner agony
Much room to feel refined
Why can’t we all be like these birds?
No worries or concerns
They live from what the world can give
They’re loyal in return
They’re breasts are eaten all the time
Although they need to burn
I’d rather have a breast well-done
Than have to take my turn
I’d rather eat them stuffed with rice
Than filled with botox churn

And so she flies across the world
And leaves behind her eggs
She nests atop this asshole’s bed
Who makes her spread her legs
And soon enough she calls me back
To tell me she’s in love
I would’ve loved to hear her chirp
That bitch is not a dove

And even if I take some drugs
To blur this little line
A bird that migrates does come back
The message is quite fine
I’m better of with my new find
I feed them every day
They’ll keep on coming back for more
As long as I can pay
I thank the world for showing me
That nothing is for free

I guess she needs to feather up
And try to flap her wings
Or better yet as a head start
I’ll drop her off that tree!

Requiem for a Nation – Inside the mind of the Suicide Bomber

I’m heading towards my target point
A button in my palm
And when I choose to detonate
The world will hear my bomb
I’ve lost my parents to a boom
My children to a bang
My one and only love was killed
But yet I keep my calm

This land right here below my feet
Has drank my blood and sweat
The thrill of fighting floats
Like fog across its fields
A misty drug that seeps into the minds
To ease the toil of tyranny

And so we’ve fought for such a time
And so much has been lost
To think that gaining dignity
Is pieced inside a piece of land
To think that freedom
Is somehow hidden in the dirt
What of the dignity of those who died
Alone and helpless and in a fearful state
What of the freedom of us to love
Our enemies that do not to choose to fight
And in a cyber age where man can move
Why is this land still paramount?

As I approach
My finger gives the final click
The world into a million pieces rips
The colors mix, a glimpse of heaven gives a flash

I see so many flying smiles
A school bus in the air
The lover waiting at the corner
Is no longer there

And in my endless bag of fury
I spread my vengeance in a seed
My bomb delivers more than just a bang
I plant my grief into their lives
Tomorrow they will strike again
Tomorrow another million pieces will emerge
There are so many pieces that can tear

And as I melt inside this raging fire
My soul is welded with all the shattered hearts
I understand
We fight and lose each other
But if we submit
Oppression’s toll is too hard to bear
Maybe we should all just gather
In one big blast
Once and for all
Ripping the final pieces of this puzzle
A masterpiece of free-will
And forever hold your peace

Locusts – In the Darkroom of the Amateur Photographer

Flickering wings, a carpet flying far away
With strings of creatures woven in between
I see it drifting towards me
And hear the roaring of a million tiny pendulums
Cracking at each other’s sides forevermore
I take a shot.

Soon enough the sun is covered with a hive
And all the colors seem to fade away
The things we used to do to feel alive
Have lost their taste as these vile creatures
Feast on what remains from yesterday
I shoot again.

With forward looking sentiments
We forget the now
And live in worlds constructed from our fears
The world we’re forced to dwell in soon becomes
The very world of fears we sought to clear
Another click.

The locusts rally, the trumpets sound
And battle drums are pounded
The colors of the sun have gone away
And with it all the warmth has been disguised
Alone afraid in this dark room
I hold on to what little light I have left
A few pictures from yesterday
Over exposed and blurry
Bits and pieces of my mind
Crumble as I hide
The locusts eat away

And as our memories are devoured
I light a fire naked and alone
Throwing in the final batch of pictures
Fearing what will happen
When the light goes out
I take one final shot.

In Search of Paradise – Journey of the Restless Soul

In anticipation of that night
Where two souls meet and fly away
Towards another land
In which the morning grass
Bathes with the dew
And birds are singing songs of endless joy

Towards a place where fear has no conception
Inside the minds of those who run and play
Like children nude, they know no shame
Although their inner cravings are fulfilled

And when the morning sun casts its first ray
Across the fields of grass, a million times
An intimate relation is revealed
That fear of obligation once concealed

Connecting with the greater awe
Through bridges made of flesh
Revealing one’s own inner sense of fear
A bareness that cannot be covered up
Transgressing what we’re taught to think
And leaping towards our heart’s desires
That is the way towards that land
My pathway towards a paradise

I reach towards the dampened soil
A handful of memories trickle through my fingers
They make a heap across the floor
A castle of my inner jubilation

And as I lose myself in hills and valleys
I can see
That there is no perdition in this land
For death does not exist amongst
Those who can live for evermore

The grass the dew
The singing songs of birds
The children playing nude and so fulfilled
The wind the trees the valleys green
The sun the dampened soil and the hills
They cannot pass towards another world
For they are the world and with them
I am complete

In Search of Purpose – Suicide of the Business Tycoon

What thing can fill this bottomless hole?
That deepens with my increased understanding
Of life, and how we’re taught to think
That meaning lies in trivial things
A job, a car, a house and lots of cash
A future full of promise and reward
They do not seem to fill the void
The more I think the more I feel alone

You ask,
How does it feel to be alone?
A monster ploughing through your bones
A hungry hippo feasting on your flesh
But for some reason you don’t feel
A single ache, instead the pain
Is in your mind, as you are forced
To watch the feast repeat itself
Every day

And as cliché as it may seem,
Only a force that’s all engulfing
And gives you purpose can fill the gap
And that is love, or so I’ve come to know
Could you imagine what it means to live?
A life without the notion of attachment

I stride along the shore collecting shells
To make the largest necklace that can be
An empire of fortune, a conglomerate
Connecting pretty things together, as I try
To connect myself to something in this world

And after all this time I realize
A necklace is more appealing when it’s put on
And so I roam the world like a freak
With an oversize necklace that can only fit
A hippo’s neck, not to say the least
I do not fancy dressing up that beast

The more I become proficient in the craft
The more I lose the human touch of things
And so I’ve turned into the very string
That holds the necklace right in place
Connected to a million winning shells
But worthless on my own accord

I’ve come to learn that love does not exist
Inside the minds of those
Who solely dwell for future gain
And so today I’ve made the choice
To slit my wrists and end my silent pain

And while I’m galloping to meet my fate
The string across the hippo’s neck
Cuts through my hands and I am thrown
Towards the ground
The beast has got her way

And as my blood drips gracefully
Across the floor
I rejoice, that it will stain
At least I’ve managed to leave a mark
Before I go away

Sexual Trance – Midnight Show of the Brothel Dancer

Lights flickering
Smoke machines breathing foggy mist
Constant pulsation of a tacky beat
And in the darkness of the room
An army of yellow teeth

I take some hits before I take the stage
A needle squeezes comfort in my veins
Emerging from the foggy mist
My body cleaves across the room
The contours of my golden skin
Slides on the squeaky granite floor

I start with letting my hair go loose
I feel the air begin to thin around me
I pull aside my straps and untie
The laces that keep my basque in place

As I reveal myself to the outer world
My body floods with feelings of seduction
The men around me reveal themselves by drooling
They feel my heat
I feel their slobber seeping up the stage
A stream of murky liquid flowing towards me

I touch my skirt and as they gaze
I rip it off and set the cloth ablaze
Although I’ve practiced many times
The plumes of smoke still choke me

I dance along the dotted line
In total nudeness I embrace my fate
And suddenly the lights begin to dim
The smoky plumes, they clog my lungs
I’m drowning in a tank of slimy drool
I’m wet with hunger
Swimming with a million beefy men
A gush of pain flows through my head
I wonder who will share my bed
Its all mixed up and all too fast!

I puke and faint.
And with it all the world converges in a dot
They quickly drag my body towards the back
I’m three months pregnant and can’t make the rent
Where would she live?
How would I feed her?
How would she feel about my job?
The owner asks to redo my routine

I prep my outfit
I jump into the spotlight once again
The brothel’s rooms are full tonight
No room is left aside for second thoughts

Perfecting Creativity – From the mind of the Suicidal Artist

In search of what is whole we dwell in dreams
For dreaming can create a sense of truth
We drift along the border of what seems
A pathway paved with mirrors of our youth

We feed our lust with images so obscene
We fill our veins with drops of magic ink
We bleed ourselves and drink our blood to wean
Ourselves from drinking what we’re taught to think

And so between destruction and the awe
We bloom into a being so deranged
But in our inner conflict there’s no flaw
A perfect balance of creative change

The downside is that we will not survive
To show the others how to be alive

Taxi Ride – Fantasies of the Sex Deprived Cab Driver

I pick her up,
Every night
At the curb

She waits for me
And I arrive
On the spot
Never late

I drive her through this concrete jungle
But in my heart
Another jungle is being driven
Towards the surface
It will explode
And with it a million unspoken words
Will be unleashed

I step outside to help her with her luggage
She lays a leg outside the cab
And pushes down with the other
Her gentle hands press hard against the door
She slams it shut
The glass inside me shatters

The wind picks up
It blows away the papers in her folder
I help her gather what she has lost
And in so doing I lose myself

I grab her,
Papers full of notes
I clutch them hard towards my chest
The more she screams
The more I race to grab her,
Papers with some scribbles
My sweat is smearing between her lines
Creating smudges that tell a different story
Of how our lives have intertwined
And how it’s bound to end in glory

As her skirt flutters
She yells with passion
“Quickly, Quicker!”
I grab her papers harder
They’re emptied now
And in their blankness
I hope to write
The story of our love affair

Instead she pays the taxi fare
And walks away
I realize the cab’s still on
And drive away

What’s wrong with me?
I sure as hell
Need to get laid

Another curb
Another stranger
Until I satisfy,
My lustful escapade

In Search of Identity – Journey of the Mentally Insane

I’m ripping through!
I’m almost there
On the other side
I can smell the baloney sandwiches
In the land of truth
Where the sun never sets

I am a prisoner
Of my own thoughts
A freedom fighter I like to think
A matador of self inflicted truth
I speak out loud and someone shrugs
They place me in a metal cage

My shrieks they break the glass
And afterwards
I use the pieces
To light a fire
Inside my head

I stab and stab and stab away
My laughter overcomes the pain
I use my palms to paint the walls
With dark red strokes
I draw a door

I must escape
I’m almost there
I ram the door
It just won’t budge

I ram and ram and ram away
My shoulder splits
I use the pieces
To pick the lock

It just won’t budge
This door I’ve made
And everything I’ve said and done
My whole life’s work
Is not enough to make it happen

I slowly sink towards the floor
In utmost pain
Beaten, stabbed, burned and shattered
I go to bed
I need my rest
I’ll try again
To find the answer
My proud charade of self-determination

Circus Lights – Shattered Dreams of the Investment Banker

This screen
With bleeping tickers
And shining lights
Reminds me of a distant dream

Let’s join the circus
You and I, we’ll roam the world
Make love on every coast
And drink ourselves into a shiny haze
You’ll throw the knives,
That be your act!
You always had a piercing eye
You aim and make your mark right on the spot
You did that with my heart
So I suppose
The world would love you
And I can be your aide.

That’s what she used to say,
But as days passed
We saw the world converge
Into a path
And headed forth
No questions asked
I wanted more
I want the best
Or so I thought
And throwing knives
Just could not make the cut

And lo behold
In my glass place
My office overlooks the world
I see the market move
It represents
The movements of
A million hearts

Some place their fear
Some feed their greed
Some with conviction
Make their mark

Some make a move
Some are too shy
Some sleep with every
Rising shark

And as for me,
I get to watch it all
I place the trade
Enjoy the spreads

But with it comes a haunting toll
I’ve traded dreams of shining circus lights
For tickers flashing green and red
The trading floor a circus field
The hedger walks the line above a net
My boss spits fire from his mouth
And juggles papers back and forth
The clowns shout back and wave their hands
And for the grand finale
A bull or bear

I’ve spread my legs between two worlds
Up to the point where I could feel them tear
And with them torn, my life apart,
My high school sweetheart
She used to prep my lunch-box every morning,
Is just another stranger across the road
In her own office

I’ll place a trade today and hope she buys
Maybe we could touch in cyberspace.


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Marmalade & Toes – Story of the young widow

Fuck this.
I haven’t showered
For so long

My soul drenches in its own sweat
I’m treading over the remains
My small white feet
So cold and wet
Are ploughing through the mud
I feel it ooze
Between my toes
A gooey spread of marmalade

Where the fuck am I?
Last I remember I was in his hands
He smiled and let go of the wheel
We drifted for some time
And then a bang

The children in the back
I heard them cry
They stopped after some time
For quite a while
They never cried again
I wonder why

What the fuck!
He never touched me
Like he did her
They used to lay together
For the day
I used to lay the day together
For him to stay

Let’s dance bitch
I cut the breaks
With a smile on my face
I let go of the wheel
I staged it all
And so we crashed
And with us
All out bitterness
Exploded into pieces
All our memories
Were undone

But I survived
With a clean slate
To start again
A new beginning
Its sweet!
But I cannot seem to wash away
This dark red marmalade


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Death – Slanted Reasoning of the Sick Man

We are all passing by
Dancing through this life
Skipping through the Milky Way
And yet when everything seems to make sense
We lose sense of it all

We age, we grow, we wither
And beyond the silky skies
The mysteries of existence
We cannot look
We cannot see

We try to peer across the corner
We catch our breaths
But yet again death catches us
Empty handed
It visits us in our homes
With no invitation

It enters our families
Makes friends with our friends
Parades through our lives

Claims us all
Claims everything
This whole entirety is up for grabs
Continuously claimed
And then
There’s room for more creation

The newborn is as much a murderer as my sickness
The seed sown deeply into the ground
Drinks from the blood of its predecessor
It could have not existed
Without a death

In search of meaning we say
We’re all connected
We switch our thoughts
We say it had to die
For life to be brought forth

But no,
There is no meaning in life
We know that
And for all we know as well
There may be even more meaning in death
So we are wrong
It is the other way
Its life that kills not death
And so, only in death can we be set free

Eternal Gray – last testament of the junkie

Monstrous tentacles ploughing through my veins
Reaching into my deep thoughts at night
Hunting me relentlessly and without stop.
As I peer through the window sill
I catch a glimpse of light and smile,
Its been dark for quite a while
But somehow I still have not forgotten
How color looks like
Even though I now perceive the world,
In shades of gray
I guess that gray is a perfect mix
Between two ends that do not often meet
Or at least for me they don’t.
In its banality I feel at ease
Or probably rather more accustomed to
Why look for color?
When you can paint your life in gray
Why even bother to improve
When you can always use the gray
Into my veins it clenches tight
Onto my very blood cells
There is no need to fight
Soon even the color within me will disappear
And I will become one
With eternal everlasting mediocrity