The Gypsy Weaver: Magic Carpets of Sand

Re-blogged from 3 years ago. Happy International Women’s Day.


In the heart of the desert
Wisdom is an oasis
On the pathway of every caravan
Our lives a carpet ride
Above the burning sands
With no escape
From raging dunes
We were not meant
to be awake
Under the sun
It is as if
the human race
Is in a tug-of-war
Six billion carpet tassels
Floating in the wind
Tied to each other
Each pulling towards
its end in vain
A living tapestry
But as for me
Carpets are
not meant to fly
I weave myself to stay
Seek refuge here
Above the sand
Sewing myself
into this desert land.
Without the grains
the desert would not be
But in its being,
grains of sand are free
To make their way
across the dunes
To wander for eternity
Without constraint
That’s how we’re meant to be

Character: 49/100

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