The Broken Hourglass

The Broken HourglassI see this castle here
Water flowing
Above the sand
Greatness down
To the very last
Golden grain
Time is flowing
Underneath my feet
Waves dancing
With the sandy shores
And even the sharpest rocks
Lose their temperament
And become glossy
Like the sea
An eternal patience
Eating slowly from the land
From our homes
From our lives
From our dreams
Testifying to a universal truth
That nothing is what it seems
The world is a broken hourglass
And we are just its means

8 thoughts on “The Broken Hourglass

      1. The tone of the poem, to me, was soft and calm. Peaceful, almost like someone was recounting their life and the lives of those around them. It was soothing to read and had a lot of really powerful messages hidden within, like the sharp rocks turned glossy. I loved it.

      2. Well, after a couple adventures I feel that the best way to help people is to be open and honest with them. That’s what my blog is dedicated to doing, so that is what I try to do. :)
        By the way I couldn’t find a way to get in contact with you, and I’d like to. My email is if you’d like to email me.

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