The Schizophrenic: I am Real

photo (6)

Words a million words
Callous judgments breaking skin
Numbers peeling lemon trees
Desires fading by the day
Citric scents
Carried through the universe
Trailed by constellations
Tracing crevices
In the way we interact
You will never know me
But I am real
All our senses
Geared in this conspiracy
Will keep us close
And take us far away

Character: 95/100

5 thoughts on “The Schizophrenic: I am Real

  1. It was an interesting poem. I am schizophrenic and a writer. if you want to read my writing please check out a blog called I’ll give you two links to look at

    And a short story called the parade.

    But I love your photography, your poetry, your vision and your project. Nice job, man

    1. Thank you it means a lot to see you like the poem. Please keep in mind that the pictures in this blog are not mine. They are from other artists, just click on any pic and it will redirect you to its source!

      I will look into your links, thanks for sharing!

      All the best!

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