The Gardener: Spring is Here

The Gardener
Spring is here
Every blossoming tree
Breathes your name
Whispering a quick excitement
Through the air
Painting daisies shy
Weaving them into a crown
Strokes of color
Lead my way
Towards your room
Behind those cherry trees
An empty hammock
Swaying with my memories
Eternal springtime
Here for me
And for all the world

Character: 93/100

8 thoughts on “The Gardener: Spring is Here

      1. :) I looked back at your poem from the Gardener, and with inspiration looked back at my Rose Bush… its not yet fully spring outside, but I guess it is in my soul. And I suppose it transcends on everything around me :). I have a rose and it was dying from lack of my attention. So I started caring for my Rose (couple of weeks ago) it blossomed and is so “inspiringly” beautiful now. Anyways, I thought I would share as it is your poem that solidified a spring feeling in my heart… :)

  1. wow, wow and just wow! :) I am so happy to hear this, thank you. In principle, everything is connected, so I hope that your blossoming rose has led to inspiration and success in other areas of your day to day life.

    Warm regards

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