An Open Letter to the Readers of Bohemiaspeaks

Dear Readers,

   Bohemiaspeaks was supposed to be an experiment and a challenge to complete 100 poems in 50 weeks. That said, I would like to apologize for lagging behind a bit. This year has been very tough on me. I lost my father to cancer, moved to another country and started a new job. Big transitions, but nevertheless no excuses. More to write about and reflect upon I guess.

   What is important is that I am now determined to continue with the challenge. I have been reviewing some of my work in late 2011 and I really see a lot of room for improvement. When the 100 poem finish line is reached I will then re-blog each poem making changes to improve the quality and story lines. After that, we can begin the process of creating an awesome-eccentric-ridiculous novel with 100 characters/short stories. 

   What’s in it for you? I can promise you fresh poems on a regular basis, some will be okay, some will be great and some may even be horrible: you can be the judge. Bottom line, please sit back and enjoy the ride.


The Author of Bohemiaspeaks

2 thoughts on “An Open Letter to the Readers of Bohemiaspeaks

  1. I guess that I don’t mind hearing about your goals but, hmm thinking about your ‘letter’ and then my own reactions beyond you or your choice for letter. I think I will speak and then you can take what you want, and leave the rest. I do not need justifications. I’m glad to walk alongside of you when you choose to post, period. I think it a very strange animal indeed watching people apologize to strangers about their own personal committments and goals. I would say, that every day you choose. (we all do) We choose what is in front of us, and if we are lucky, we choose the right thing and don’t have to clean our own side of the street. Personally, when I read these sorts of things, and the ones explaining a break, I just huff in disgust and roll my eyes that a person’s environment has made them so weak that they must chastise themselves for not ‘keeping’ up. I think that if there is any fault, it is in thinking about keeping up at all. Our creation is making, it occurs even when it does not appear as our plans or expectations have dictated. I find, then, that there is no need to do a challenge if it is a contest about making you do and be what you are not. Enjoyment yes! Chastise NO, at least in this kind of instance.

    Anyway, keep being you, even if that means immolation because the wind blew at the same time as 4 crows flew over to the west. I’ll still read what you write because I like experiencing the bits of you, that you choose to share. Wish you well!


    1. Very well said Elisa, I do appreciate your thoughts. You are right, we are not liable to anyone, especially strangers but we are liable to ourselves and in shedding some light on why I discontinued writing I think I’m adding to the experience of the blog as a whole. It’s about being able to share things with strangers that you usually wouldn’t share in your everyday life. Quite an interesting experience needless to say.

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