The Makeup Artist: Kingdom of your Eyes

Crystal emblems radiating love
Between your eyelids
A dash of light
That’s where I burn
And all the world
Ceases to exist
Just you and me
Your eyes
The sky above me
With two suns
They burn into my inside deep
Your lids they shut
I paint your face
You go to sleep
My world into a darkness sets
Just for sometime
All of existence floating around your face
I wait until you wake
Until the dawn of emerald suns bequeaths
Another day for us to share
Forever safe
In each’s care
I make a wish
I blow your lashes far away
But I’ll be there
To bring them back
I’d lose my life
For strips of hair
To keep them from harm’s way
I’d spend my life
Between your eyes
Fighting off despair
Wishing for the sun to rise
Another day to share

Character: 71/100

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