The Farmer: Olive oil and Love

I miss you dearly
Just like I miss a summer breeze
That cools my body in times of heat
Just like the olive tree gives birth to oil
Only to miss its olives for a year
Our love has given birth to memories
But we have lost each other for some time
And with this vivid oil I cook my meals
And dine with your remembrance forevermore

I miss the tassels of your hair
I used to use them
To swing between your eyes
I’d slide my way to your sweet lips
And in their soft embrace we’d be reborn

I see you in the rain
It draws your name on windowsills
The windmill plays your favorite song
The shiny drops of water from the sky
They soak my feet and wake my inner-child
A humbling feeling that feels unfamiliar

But now you’re gone
And with you all the world has cleaved in two
And as our memories fade away
I tend to olive trees
And ask for clouds and rain
To keep alive the harvest of our love
Character: 40/100

4 thoughts on “The Farmer: Olive oil and Love

  1. I fell in love with this immediately! Gosh, it’s good–I was so taken in…and then I had to keep reading others. Very impressive talent! God bless you today.

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