Kingdom of Cotton – Comforting the Homeless Man

Its cold outside
Let me share your coat
I never thought a piece of cloth
Can hold so much affection

The fabric’s made of cotton,
That I know
But in its inner weaving I can feel
An endless comfort,
A roller coaster ride
From nothingness towards the greater awe
That we all fear,
And wrong we are in doing so

Placed underneath the canopy
Of our shared love
My body moves beyond the cold
I feel no hunger
My poverty subsides

The warmth of strings
Wrapped all around my shaking corpse
Are so much more
Than the garment that they comprise

For some brief moments
We join them to become
A collective being
The fabric of our love
Holds us together firmly
For some time

I am a beggar
And you have been so kind
To lend me comfort
A simple act, though it may be
Makes it so clear

Why can’t the whole world understand?
Just like these threads were destined to be part
Of your sweet coat
We too are  destined to take part
In the sweet fabric of universal love

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