World of Dreams – Funeral Procession of the Gay Lover

I miss your tender voice
Splashing on my face
At point blank
In the morning
Like lukewarm water
Cleansing the worries of yesterday

I miss your soft fingertips
Grazing through my hair
Like a farmer strolling through his field of corn
Gently choosing his steps
Towards the other side
Counting all the blessings on his way

I miss your deep and solemn silence
Staring at me as I sleep
With nothing to say, but so much to dream about
I awake and ask you to go back to sleep
That we may both share a dream together
In another place

We hold each other and cast ourselves into a sea of sleep
We swim together naked and unbound
In a world where we could stay together
A world where they would let us be
To share our love and watch it multiply
Without judgment nor special treatment
We settle down in a small shack on those distant hills
And make love until the end of time

Suddenly a ringing sound
Crumbles our constructed world as we awake
To realize another day has just began
Another lie that we must live
Amongst the people that we know

And time has passed,
It always does.
We move along, we move away
We age and life takes over
We marry and move on
Succumbing to a destiny
Imposed by social boundaries and what not

And after all this show
Ending in a funeral procession
I’m staring at a coffin
You sleep so gracefully but I shed no tears
Instead a deep and solemn smile is on my face
I hope you’re in that place of dreams
Preparing that small shack day by day
Waiting for me to join you
To live the dream
Of unrestricted love for evermore

5 thoughts on “World of Dreams – Funeral Procession of the Gay Lover

      1. This reminded me of Catullus 5 and 7 – try to find a good translation – if you’re an aspiring love poet, there’s no better man to study than C dog, although you cannot ever take Catullus at face value.

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