Taxi Ride – Fantasies of the Sex Deprived Cab Driver

I pick her up,
Every night
At the curb

She waits for me
And I arrive
On the spot
Never late

I drive her through this concrete jungle
But in my heart
Another jungle is being driven
Towards the surface
It will explode
And with it a million unspoken words
Will be unleashed

I step outside to help her with her luggage
She lays a leg outside the cab
And pushes down with the other
Her gentle hands press hard against the door
She slams it shut
The glass inside me shatters

The wind picks up
It blows away the papers in her folder
I help her gather what she has lost
And in so doing I lose myself

I grab her,
Papers full of notes
I clutch them hard towards my chest
The more she screams
The more I race to grab her,
Papers with some scribbles
My sweat is smearing between her lines
Creating smudges that tell a different story
Of how our lives have intertwined
And how it’s bound to end in glory

As her skirt flutters
She yells with passion
“Quickly, Quicker!”
I grab her papers harder
They’re emptied now
And in their blankness
I hope to write
The story of our love affair

Instead she pays the taxi fare
And walks away
I realize the cab’s still on
And drive away

What’s wrong with me?
I sure as hell
Need to get laid

Another curb
Another stranger
Until I satisfy,
My lustful escapade

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