Circus Lights – Shattered Dreams of the Investment Banker

This screen
With bleeping tickers
And shining lights
Reminds me of a distant dream

Let’s join the circus
You and I, we’ll roam the world
Make love on every coast
And drink ourselves into a shiny haze
You’ll throw the knives,
That be your act!
You always had a piercing eye
You aim and make your mark right on the spot
You did that with my heart
So I suppose
The world would love you
And I can be your aide.

That’s what she used to say,
But as days passed
We saw the world converge
Into a path
And headed forth
No questions asked
I wanted more
I want the best
Or so I thought
And throwing knives
Just could not make the cut

And lo behold
In my glass place
My office overlooks the world
I see the market move
It represents
The movements of
A million hearts

Some place their fear
Some feed their greed
Some with conviction
Make their mark

Some make a move
Some are too shy
Some sleep with every
Rising shark

And as for me,
I get to watch it all
I place the trade
Enjoy the spreads

But with it comes a haunting toll
I’ve traded dreams of shining circus lights
For tickers flashing green and red
The trading floor a circus field
The hedger walks the line above a net
My boss spits fire from his mouth
And juggles papers back and forth
The clowns shout back and wave their hands
And for the grand finale
A bull or bear

I’ve spread my legs between two worlds
Up to the point where I could feel them tear
And with them torn, my life apart,
My high school sweetheart
She used to prep my lunch-box every morning,
Is just another stranger across the road
In her own office

I’ll place a trade today and hope she buys
Maybe we could touch in cyberspace.


Thanks so much to all those who have subscribed! I really appreciate it!

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