Marmalade & Toes – Story of the young widow

Fuck this.
I haven’t showered
For so long

My soul drenches in its own sweat
I’m treading over the remains
My small white feet
So cold and wet
Are ploughing through the mud
I feel it ooze
Between my toes
A gooey spread of marmalade

Where the fuck am I?
Last I remember I was in his hands
He smiled and let go of the wheel
We drifted for some time
And then a bang

The children in the back
I heard them cry
They stopped after some time
For quite a while
They never cried again
I wonder why

What the fuck!
He never touched me
Like he did her
They used to lay together
For the day
I used to lay the day together
For him to stay

Let’s dance bitch
I cut the breaks
With a smile on my face
I let go of the wheel
I staged it all
And so we crashed
And with us
All out bitterness
Exploded into pieces
All our memories
Were undone

But I survived
With a clean slate
To start again
A new beginning
Its sweet!
But I cannot seem to wash away
This dark red marmalade


Thanks so much to all those who have subscribed! I really appreciate it!

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